Indian Trail Equestrian Route and Trail Information

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Suggested Route North and South through the Acreage

  • J. W. Corbett Area is the northern starting point*
  • Seminole Pratt Whitney, north to J.W. Corbett Area
  • 100th Lane west to Seminole Pratt Whitney
  • Hall North to 100th Lane
  • Hamlin Blvd., from Hall to 130th (east side of 130th)**
  • 130th south along east side, from Hamlin all the way to 40th
  • 40th west to the Royal Palm Natural area
  • Royal Palm Natural Area is the southern ending point.

Alternate Route Information

  • From Hamlin Blvd. & Grapeview intersection, travel south to Tangerine Blvd.
  • Enter Palm Beach County Acreage Natural Pines Area (the western natural area alongside Acreage Community Park). Stay on the designated trails within the acreage natural pines area!
  • Exit onto 140th, and travel south to 61st Street North.
  • Travel east along 61st to Avocado.
  • Travel south along Avocado, crossing M Canal.
  • Turn east onto 60th and continue to 130th (east side).

West of Seminole Pratt Whitney Road Alternate Route Information

  • J. W. Corbett Area is the northern starting point*
  • Seminole Pratt Whitney, north to J.W. Corbett Area
  • Turn west onto 94th Road West
  • Turn south onto Banyan Blvd.
  • Turn west on Orange Blvd.
  • Turn south on 170th
  • End M Canal

Alternate Route East of Lion County Safari

  • Starting at Harlena Drive and 162nd, head north.
  • Turn wets onto Sycamore. Cross Seminole Pratt Whitney and continue on Sycamore.
  • Turn south on Cheetham Hill.***
  • Turn east on Okeechobee, and cross Okeechobee.
  • End at 162nd.
  • Turn west on South Grove Road.
  • End Little Panther Way and L-8 Tie Back Canal.

*The Palm Beach County “Pantano Trail” starts at the J.W. Corbett area and follows along the C-18 canal for an approximate 9 mile route that ties into the “Bluegill Trail” and Riverbend Park.

**Nicole Hornstein Equestrian Park is located west of Hall and Hamlin and includes public restrooms, water (horses and humans), rings (exercise, lunging, main, riding, & Dressage), pavilion, playground, and picnic area with grills.

***At intersection of Sycamore and Cheetham Hill, the rider may go north on Cheetham Hill.