Special Permits

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An ITID permit is required prior to commencement of construction activities that involve connection or utilization of ITID works or construction upon or occupation of ITID property or right-of-way (section 2 of Chapter 2002-330, Laws of Florida {ITID’s Charter} and Florida Statute 298.28.)

  1. Application Requirements (See Page 2 of Permit Application)

  2. Application Review Process (See Page 3 of Permit Application)

  3. Application Permit Fee (Schedule See Page 5 of the Permit Application)

  4. Permit Denial – Permittee Recourse
    Applicants denied a permit may appeal to the ITID Board of Supervisors. The request for appeal must be submitted in writing to ITID’s District Administrator at least 14 days prior to any given Board Meeting for inclusion in that Board Meeting. The request for appeal should explain the reasons for the appeal and why the permit should be granted. Meeting agenda’s are available on ITID’s website.

  5. Permit Expiration
    A Notice of Construction commencement for the permitted activity or Request for Extension must be filed with ITID within 6 months of the permit’s date of issuance, or the permit shall automatically terminate and a new permit application will be required. Extensions of 90 days can be granted on any permit if there has been no change in the approved plans.

  6. Permit Inspection/Closure
    It is the responsibility of the Permittee, or their designated representative, to schedule the necessary inspections with ITID. Failure to do so may result in the revocation, cancellation and termination of the Permit.

Upon completion of the Permitted Activity the Permittee shall deliver to ITID’s office a Certification of Completion, two complete sets of the final “Record Drawings” and an electronic copy of the record drawings, in AutoCAD 2000 or higher. Failure to provide the final documentation may result in the revocation, cancellation and termination of this Permit.

Special Permit Application