Facility Use Policy & Procedures

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The purpose of this policy is to set forth necessary guidelines for use of the District’s Administrative Facility and to establish user fees.

Fee Schedule

Usage fees are set according to the Board approved fee schedule, which is subject to change and re-evaluated by the Board of Supervisors as needed.

The Rental rate is $30 per hour with a 2-hour minimum charge. A security deposit of $250 will be required and held for the duration of the agreement.

Rates for Rental of Facility Equipment:

Various District-owned equipment may be available for rental in the Meeting Room at the rates detailed below. A 24-hour notice must be given prior to event to allow ample time for set-up and equipment check. The equipment is available on a first come, first served basis. User groups need to check with the Director of HR and the Assistant to the District Administrator to ensure availability and condition of equipment*. Rental of District equipment does not guarantee proper functioning of said equipment during meeting. No refunds for faulty equipment will be granted.

  • 12-foot Screen: $5
  • Overhead Projector: $10


1. Facility Use

Use of the Board Meeting Room shall be for business meetings only. Social events are strictly prohibited. The Indian Trail Improvement District’s Board Meeting Room shall be available for meetings only under the following criteria:

  1. Governmental agencies.
  2. Board approved non-profit, civic-oriented organizations with elected board members governing via established by-laws serving the property owners of the District.
  3. Other organizations, as approved by the District Board of Supervisors at a duly convened meeting of the District.

The District shall have the right of first-use of the Board Meeting Room and all other uses shall be secondary. All rental opportunities are subject to availability on a first- come, first served basis, with a limit of two meeting sessions available per month for each renting entity or group. When the Board “bumps” an already scheduled rental, the group will receive a refund, or select another available date.

Use of Parking Lot

The parking lot shall not be utilized as a meeting room. The parking lot and perimeter of the administrative building have been fitted with flood lights which have been outfitted with automatic timers for security reasons and to provide safe access to the building.

They are in no way meant to provide lighting for nighttime meetings to be held in the parking lot, which is prohibited.

2. Hours of Operation for Renting Meeting Room

Available rental times are from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. during weekdays. The District Administrator or his/her designee shall determine approval for use, if the times fall outside of those listed above. (Note that additional costs may result).

Note that the Administrative Office hours of business operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. Use of the meeting room during regular business hours must be pre-approved by the District Administrator or his/her designee.

3. Rental Rate Structure

Usage fees are set according to the Board approved fee schedule.

  • See Attachment “A” for Current Rental Fee Structure.
  • A minimum of 5 business days notice must be given prior to using the meeting room.
  • The total rental fee is due 5 business days prior to the scheduled event. Failure to pay the total charge by the due date will result in cancellation of the agreement and removal from the schedule. The deposit and any monies collected will be forfeited.
  • The District retains the right to insist on cash, a certified check or money order for any payments for use of meeting room. Rental fees must be paid in full 5 business days PRIOR to use of meeting room.
  • An application for use of the facility must be completed and signed by the group contact in person and paid in full 5 business days prior to receiving ITID approval. Applications and payment will only be accepted during regular ITID business hours. Faxed copies of the signed form will not be accepted.
  • User groups must exit the facility when their rental time has expired. Meetings may not “run over” the allotted, approved rental time.

4. Holidays

The meeting room is not available on the following official ITID holidays: Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veterans’ Day.

In addition, the meeting room is unavailable for use on New Year’s Eve.

5. Building Attendant

A building attendant will be on-site for the duration of the rental time. This staff person will open and close the facility and conduct a “walk through” of the facility with the group representative at the meeting’s conclusion to ensure that there are no damages to the building. This service is included in the rental fee. The building attendant’s presence does not satisfy required conditions listed in item 6.

6. Security Personnel

If the presence of a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy is required in order to better protect the attendees and facility (including its contents) from potential risk, all costs associated with hiring the Deputy Sheriff will be incurred by the user group.

Visitors arriving at the District Offices after hours will not be allowed access to the building unless they are attending a publicly noticed meeting or as an approved user under the Board of Supervisor’s approved Facility Use Policy.

Under no circumstances shall a visitor be given security access codes to alarm systems, keys to the building, or access to computer systems.

7. Security Fees

Payment of a security fee is required by all users of the meeting room. The deposit costs will be held for the duration of the agreement, unless damages occur. If damages occur, this deposit will be utilized to compensate the District for any damage which has been incurred. An inspection of the room before and after use will be conducted by the District’s building attendant and the group’s representative.

Additional damage fees may be assessed in the following situations or as deemed by the District Administrator:

  • Removal of carpet stains requiring more than standard extraction techniques.
  • Stains on walls.
  • Broken furniture and/or office equipment.
  • Defacement of any part of the interior or exterior of the building.
  • Damage created by improper use of equipment or non-compliance of facility rules.
  • Equipment found to be missing as a result of a group using the building.

Please note, should damage to District property exceed the security fee, the user group will be billed the additional amount. In addition, the user group will be prohibited from any future use of the facility should the damage is determined to be of a significant nature.

8. Set-up and Clean-up

Chairs may be relocated during the meeting, but must be returned to their original configuration by the end of the event by the user group. The user group representative is responsible for setting up, cleaning up, and removal of all items for the event. If the room is found to be in unacceptable condition at the end of the meeting, the deposit will not be refunded.

Renters shall not nail, staple, tape, glue or otherwise attach or alter any item to any portion of the building without prior written authorization by the District Administrator or his/her designee. Objects such as balloons, streamers and decorations are not permitted. The deposit will be retained by ITID, if damage is found.

All renter’s equipment, supplies, etc., must be removed from the building at the end of the event and the room shall be brought back to its original condition before the group leaves.

9. Waiver of Rental Fees and Other Charges

The Indian Trail Improvement District Planning Advisory Committee and Park & Recreations Advisory Committee, and other Board-designated committees are exempt from paying fees for use of the building.

The following District-oriented non-profit agencies Acreage Landowners Association, Acreage Horseman’s Association and the Acreage Athletic League are hereby exempted from any/all rental fees and other charges for rental of the facility one (1) time each month.

The Board of Supervisors may waive any/all rental fees and other charges for rentals of the facility by other governmental agencies, District-oriented non-profit agencies, or other agencies associated with government agencies, (i.e. School Board, Supervisor of Elections, South Florida Water Management District, Western Communities Council, and other Special Districts). Such waivers shall be restricted to weekdays and evenings only (no weekends). No such waivers shall be permitted for weekend use. The function must be for an official government purpose. A waiver (listed on the permit application) must be prepared and submitted to the Board of Supervisors for written approval. The waiver must be approved by the Board of Supervisors 72 hours prior to the proposed function. Any other waiver of rental fees or other charges is prohibited unless approved by the Board of Supervisors.

10. Cancellation

A request to cancel a booking must be in writing from the original party making the reservation. Refunds will be made as follows:

  • Seven days or more notice: A full refund, will be made if the notice of cancellation is received 7 or more days prior to the event.
  • 6- 3 days: No refund will be given. However, the group will be allowed to reschedule the planned event to another available date.
  • 48 Hours or Less: no refunds or rescheduling will be allowed.

11. Rescheduling

An event may be rescheduled, if the user group contacts the Administrative office in writing at least 3 days prior to the original event date, provided that a suitable substitution date is available. See item #12 below for exceptions. Also note “bumping” procedures listed under item 1.

12. Uncontrollable Events

The District reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any event, at any time, due to circumstances over which it has no control. An example of this would be damage to the building, which would render it unusable for a particular event or function. In the event of this occurring, a full refund, or a substitute date where one is reasonably available, will be granted.

In the event the National Weather Service imposes a HURRICANE WARNING or other natural disaster for our area within 24 hours of your event, you may reschedule, within the original parameters, at no charge. If the District’s Board of Supervisors “bumps” a date, which has already been scheduled for use by another group, that group will receive a full refund or have the option to reschedule to another available date. The District reserves the right to cancel any rental for safety, maintenance, or for failure to meet rental agreement guidelines.

13. Alcoholic Beverages

Consumption or sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. The District assumes no responsibility for the behavior/ results of alcohol consumed by meeting participants.

14. Hold Harmless Agreement

A hold harmless agreement will be required of the user group to indemnify the Indian Trail Improvement District, its staff, and Board of Supervisors from any injuries or accidents occurring while the user group is utilizing the premises.

15. Services Included in the Rental Fee

  • Facility: Open and close building, monitor event.
  • Meeting Room: Dry erase board, conference table and folding chairs.
  • Kitchen and kitchen equipment: Use of the kitchen and equipment is included in the rental, but excludes use of District supplies, including but not limited to coffee, cups, plates, forks, spoons, napkins, etc.

16. Items which can be Rented

Audio-visual Equipment: The equipment listed is available (see fee schedule for prices). Television, VCR, overhead projector, easels (renter must provide pad and pens). All equipment is available on a first come, first served basis, and must reserved in writing up to 7 days in advance of event.

17. Items to be Provided by the User Group

The District is not responsible for any damage done to the renter’s equipment while on District property, or if the equipment is stolen. Should the equipment cause damage to District property, the user group will be responsible for providing the District with restitution.

18. Event Booking

In order to maintain continuity in renting the facility, each request will be evaluated in reference to other events concurrently scheduled. Use will be based upon the interests of each renter and the needs of the facility. Events may be booked up to 1 calendar year in advance from scheduled date.

User groups are expected to have respect and consideration for other parties in the building at the time of rental. The entrance, lobby, restrooms and parking areas are to be shared by all parties.

Rental permits will only be issued if the group meets all of the requirements imposed by the District and the date(s) for the proposed use are available. Use cannot be sublet or assigned from one group to another. There is a maximum limit of 2 meeting sessions available per month to each renting group or entity.

The group representative who signed the rental use application must be present for the duration of the meeting. Rental use permits are non-transferable.

19. Pets or Animals

Pets, animals, or livestock of any kind are not allowed in the building except for seeing- eye dogs or other animals specifically used to aid the blind or disabled. This rule specifically prohibits animal shows or exhibitions involving animals and judging contests. All applicable District, County, state or federal laws and ordinances pertaining to the care and handling of animals shall apply.

20. Weapons or Firearms

The District’s Workplace Violence Policy strictly prohibits weapons or firearms of any kind from being brought into the building, except in the case of on-duty law enforcement officers in the performance of their job responsibilities. A copy of the Manual is available from the District Administrative office.

21. Program Information

The user group is responsible for disseminating information in regard to their event or group purpose. District staff is prohibited from assisting with publicity, promotions or ticket sales for outside groups. It is the responsibility of the renter to publicize information regarding the individual event.

22. Publications, Flyers and Announcements

Publications, flyers and announcements of renter’s event(s) taking place at the District office may be placed in the building, providing that adequate, appropriate space is available. In compliance with District policy, there is no solicitation of user groups or visitors. All flyers must have the telephone number of the renter prominently displayed. User groups are responsible for supplying flyers and replenishing same.

User groups may not use the telephone number or address of the District office in promoting or advertising their activities or functions. Our staff is not available to answer telephones or take messages for user groups.

23. Storage Space

Storage cabinets or closets within the building are for District use only. No user group/civic group which holds monthly meetings may store items of any kind in the building.

24. Facility Equipment

Office equipment (fax machines, computers, etc.) is for the use of District employees only.

Use of the District’s telephones is limited to emergencies only and to contact the on- staff District building attendant.

25. Facility Rules

  • The Administrative Building is a non-smoking facility. Those persons wishing to smoke must do so outside the premises.
  • The group contact is required to attend all meetings and remain on site until all others have left and will walk through the building with ITID staff prior to leaving to insure that the facility is brought back to its original condition.
  • Children must be supervised by a responsible adult the entire time they are in the building.
  • Children are not allowed to sit at the front desk in the reception area.
  • A Certificate of Insurance, security and additional requirements may be required for some functions, programs, meetings, and/or activities.
  • If an event continues after the scheduled meeting time without approval by ITID staff, the group shall be subject to appropriate overtime charges.
  • Fees will only be accepted during regular business hours by ITID staff.
  • No overnight parking is allowed unless specifically authorized by the District Administrator.
  • Your group is responsible for the replacement or repair of any part of the building or its contents which become broken, defaced, or damaged by members of your group or their children.
  • In emergencies, Dial 911 for the Sheriff’s Department.

26. Omissions

In the case of any provisions not covered here, applicable District, County, State or Federal regulations will apply. In the event of conflicts between those regulations, the one deemed the strictest would apply.

Approved at the July 9, 2008 Indian Trail Improvement District Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting
Revised August 8, 2008
Revised June 13, 2012