Jennifer Hager

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Vice President - Seat 1

Jennifer Hager Email:
Phone: 561-793-0874
Fax: 561-793-3716

Jennifer Hager was elected into office on November 2, 2010 to Seat No. 1. In 2013, her third year of service on the Board of Supervisors, she served as the Board President.

Supervisor Hager holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Saint Leo University. This year, 2013, marks her eleventh year teaching. Currently, Mrs. Hager is employed by the Palm Beach County School District and is the Science Resource teacher in her school’s Science Lab. She teaches all elementary grades, K-5, and subject areas but has an abounding interest in teaching Reading and Science.

Mrs. Hager worked for veterinarians at numerous specialized animal hospitals throughout the state (including her father’s veterinary practice) for 15 years before deciding to turn to teaching when her own children entered grade school. She is a devout horsewoman and has been a horse trainer, competitor, and horseshow judge for many years. Mrs. Hager continues to be active within the equestrian community.

Jennifer is a current member in good standing of the Acreage Landowners’ Association and the Acreage Horseman’s Association.

A few of Mrs. Hager’s goals while serving Indian Trail Improvement District include:

  • Fiscal responsibility - being ever-mindful of how OUR tax dollars are spent
  • Canals - efforts to dredge and clear canals keeping them free of drainage-inhibiting debris is key to our healthy water flow system. Efforts in this are ongoing.
  • Drainage - continuing to seek additional drainage and outfall especially in times of an emergency, as well as finding the best solutions to current drainage problems within our own boundaries; i.e., increased capacity in canals, water storage areas, and reservoirs. Continue with the mindset and forethought that OUR water is our most precious natural resource.
  • Roads –-will always be an area of extreme importance. Balance must be met between properly maintaining our dirt roads with regular grading, etc. and protecting the investment of our pavement with continued monitoring of its upkeep.
  • Parks and Trails - seeking completion of Nicole Hornstein Equestrian Park’s “Hamlin House” and arena improvements. Moving forward with Community Park’s South Expansion project park amenities. Improving horse trails and working to create safe connections for riders throughout the district.
  • Public - increasing the public’s awareness of meetings and happenings within the district. Improving relationships with the public and between the public and the Board of Supervisors and staff.
  • Education - attend meetings, conferences, and trainings which increase education in the area of local government and strengthen relationships between other elected officials in Palm Beach County and the State of Florida.

Supervisor Hager will work diligently to protect our rural lifestyle and natural resources. She will strongly consider the community at all costs and in all aspects of future growth and development and carefully weigh the pros and cons before making decisions that will affect residents or their livelihoods, properties and possessions. Mrs. Hager believes that with a strong internal network of good people in place, Indian Trail will reclaim its good name and continue to excel in the area of public service. She looks forward to providing many more years of excellent service on the Board.

Mrs. Hager is a Florida native, born in Ft. Lauderdale and raised in Clewiston. She has lived in the Acreage since June 2006. She is married with both a son and a daughter who attend local public schools.

Supervisor Hager welcomes any questions, concerns, or comments via email (best method) or by calling the ITID office with a phone message. Please feel free to contact her at any time.