Betty Argue

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President - Seat 4

Betty Argue Email:
Phone: 561-793-0874
Fax: 561-793-3716


Desiring to live in an environment that has a rural feel, culture, and way of life, Betty Argue along with her husband, three children, and two dogs moved to The Acreage in 2011. Realizing The Acreage faced critical challenges with respect to development and growth, infrastructure issues involving roads, drainage and parks, Betty decided to run for office based on her experience and education in community advocacy, community volunteering, real estate, law, and business. On November 8, 2016, she was elected to the ITID Board of Supervisors (BOS). She has served in two positions on the Board, as Treasurer and President.

Since serving on the Board, Betty has brought a fresh, creative, open-minded perspective founded on knowledge of The Acreage and surrounding communities, ITID’s Charter, the County's Comprehensive Plan, the Acreage Neighborhood Plan and State Statutes. Betty's objectives include successfully advocating for and implementing strategies and projects that position our roads, drainage infrastructure, and parks as top priorities. Some examples of accomplishments under her leadership, she, the Board, and staff have/are:

  • adopted the culvert replacement program to replace our aging culverts throughout the District
  • shifted the zone crews to a focus on swale and canal bank restorations
  • implemented a traffic calming pilot project
  • shifted from a focus on only road retrofits to road rock replacements throughout the District
  • successfully secured in escrow the donation of 640 acres for additional impoundment for the M1 Basin from GL Homes
  • worked with SFWMD to address issues regarding our discharge capacity during storms
  • worked with the County Engineering department to address concerns regarding speed limits, traffic stops and medians approaching County roads
  • worked to address recurring road issues throughout the District by creating the R3 Road Plan
  • working on an overall Master Plan for the District's roads, drainage, sidewalks, and equestrian trail infrastructure
  • working towards completion of the Acreage Community Park South expansion project
  • returned to fiscal and contractual responsibility, accountability, oversight and transparency
  • overhauled the ITID website to become ADA compliant, as well as updating it to bring the most up to date and relevant information to our residents
  • increased ITID's social media presence

Prioritization of ITID’s responsibilities are crucial to the health, safety, and well-being of all residents, with roads and drainage infrastructure clearly being the most important priorities, while balancing improvement of parks and development of horse trails bolstering our rural equestrian lifestyles. Participation from residents is also crucial in accomplishing the District's objectives. Betty encourages attendance at ITID meetings and welcomes residents' input, opinions, issues, concerns, and recommendations, and will always serve residents with the utmost honesty, integrity, efficiency and transparency.