ZOOM/Virtual Meeting Instructions

Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option

District Staff recommends anyone wishing to join a virtual Board Meeting to go to ZOOM.com and sign up for the BASIC zoom program (which is free) and get familiar with the program and test your device for capability.   Doing this well in advance of joining the Meeting will hopefully prevent any connectivity issues. 

DISCLOSURE:  Participants DO NOT have to download ZOOM, but it allows for a better experience if you download it.

Connection to Zoom/Join the Board Meeting:

1. Click on the link on https://www.indiantrail.com/ home page under Announcements\Alerts.
2. After a short download click Zoom.exe on the bottom left on your browser.
3. Click yes to any prompts to install Zoom. 
4. You will be asked to type your name (this name will show up on the participant list)
5. You will join the meeting at this point muted by the administrator.

DISCLAIMER:  All District Zoom Meetings are being recorded for official record.  All Participants are encouraged to conduct themselves accordingly.   

Participation in a Zoom Meeting:

1. As a participant please keep the microphone on mute.
2. If anyone wishes to make a public comment on an Agenda Item; click the hand and President Argue will call the participant’s name and unmute the microphone.

3. Please state and spell your name for the record and state your address.

4. While addressing the Board, please refer to shared timer for the allotted time for each speaker.  At the end of the speaker’s comment, President Argue will lower the hand and re-mute the microphone.  This procedure will be done for each item on the Agenda accepting Public Comment.  

It is the goal of the Board Members and Staff to keep the virtual meeting, as much as possible, like an in-person meeting.   The District thanks everyone for their participation and patience using this online format.

For assistance please call 561-815-9943 before 5 pm