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Culvert ReplacementITID was created by the Florida Legislature in 1957 as a Chapter 298, F.S., Special District. ITID is an independent special district that provides water management and infrastructure development services to properties in Palm Beach County.

The 1957 enabling legislation was strictly for water (canal) management. ITID now maintains, not only 164.2 miles of canals, but also 9 rural and equestrian parks, and more than 458 miles of roads.

The Indian Trail Improvement District was created for the purpose of reclaiming the lands within its boundaries for water control, water supply, and protecting the land within its boundaries from the effects of water by using the construction and maintenance of canals, ditches, levees, dikes, pumping plants, and other works and improvements. The legislative boundaries included approximately 17,000 lots encompassing a 110+ square mile area, along with citrus grove and sugar cane production. As a “Special District” ITID provides drainage, road grading and improvements, plus a neighborhood park system.