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Record Custodian: Scarlet Cantley


For our Live Video Streaming events please click on the "Video, Minutes & Agenda Packets" button above on the left side.


We are having an Emergency Meeting at 1 pm 12/13/19 please look under "Video, Minutes  & Agenda Packets" to see the agenda for this meeting.


No trash pick up in unincorporated Palm Beach County on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, more information on holiday collection<> can be found online, as can additional information about SWA facilities and hours<>




56th rd n between 120th ave and coconut blvd will be closed until approximately 12/18/2019 for culvert replacement.


Citrus Grove Blvd. between Apache Blvd. and Hall Blvd. We are rescheduling Culvert replacement for January 2020. This is due to keeping the roadway totally open for the Holiday Season.


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